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21 July 2024
Troubleshooter: Website Appearance

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Web pages look different on my screen compared to another screen

While our websites are optimized to display adequately in most scenarios, there are a multitude of factors which may affect the way a page is displayed. The factors which influence how a website looks on your monitor are:

  • Browser Type (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.)
  • Browser Version - New browsers support more features, and suspend archaic features. Older browsers set aside more room for navigation buttons.
  • Operating System (Windows, Apple, Unix, Java, Mobile Device Operating Systems, etc.)
  • Monitor Size and Resolution - Monitors can be set to different display resolutions which mean a greater or lesser part of the webpage is displayed in the same area.
  • Monitor Colours - Colours appear differently on Windows, Apple, LCD and Mobile Device screens for example, and the number of colours a monitor can display varies greatly, from 256 up to 16 million colors. Monitors can also be set brighter or darker according to your preferences.