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19 August 2022
Login: Secure Pages

If you do not find the answer to your problem here, please contact the Credit Union. Wherever possible, please provide as much detail as well as the error message you receive when encountering this problem.

Can't view the login or any other secure page

The login page and the Members Area pages are digitally encrypted by a secure certificate to protect the integrity of information passing between your computer and our web server. These pages can be recognized by their address which usually begins with https://, where the s indicates a secure page.

Unfortunately, older browsers do not recognize the newer digital certificates, and so must be upgraded if logging into your account is required. The advantages of these certificates are clear: no one but you can view your account details.

Sometimes even the latest browsers and operating systems contain bugs or security loopholes which prevent logging in, and it becomes necessary to download a fix or an update for your particular browser or computer.

If possible, you should be using the latest version of Internet Explorer or any of the alternative browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) You should also make sure you have downloaded the latest patches, fixes and updates for your browser, particularly if you are accessing the Internet from a computer running Microsoft Windows.

These patches, fixes and upgrades usually resolve login problems, but they have the added benefit of improving the security of your computer, protecting against malicious downloads and viruses.

The latest versions of the most popular browsers can be downloaded from the following links:

Internet Explorer
Download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer

Download the latest version of Safari

Mozilla Firefox
Download the latest version of Firefox

Google Chrome
Download the latest version of Google Chrome

Download the latest version of Opera

If you already have an up to date browser, you may also need to run a Windows Update if your computer is running Microsoft Windows. It is a good idea to run this update regularly because it will improve your computer's security. The Windows update can be run from the Windows Start Menu Ľ Windows Update, or by clicking the following link:

If you have never run this update before, it will take some time to complete the necessary steps. Thereafter, if you run the update regularly, it should be much faster.